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Mumbai Mirror - A Himalayan Odyssey
Apr 10, 2016

I always had a special love for mountains. Some of my best childhood memories are of trekking in Himachal Pradesh with my friends. I was introduced to folk music at the numerous campfires we would stop by as we camped in villages along the way. Every night, villagers would come together and sing around a bonfire. It was fascinating to hear Himalayan folk music. I would look forward to their performances and try to decipher the lyrics woven in with the sounds of their instruments. Looking back, it's that ability to be curious and cherish new things that inspired me to pursue music. 

But the desire to explore was instilled much earlier in me. I was highly influenced by Che Guerva's autobiography Motorcycle Diaries, as the concept of discovering oneself and one's roots through travel resonated with me...

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